Courts Close in Two Counties Due to Virus Risks

Courts in two West Virginia counties are closing until further notice because of the coronavirus pandemic. All courts in Lincoln County are being closed, according to an order Monday. State health officials said the county recorded around 20 cases in the last week and a total of 45 active cases. The court order said the courts will be closed with the exception of emergency hearings. The buildings will stay closed until a judge lifts the order.

In Logan County, Circuit Court, Magistrate Court and the circuit clerk’s and magistrate clerk’s offices are closing. County health officials said positive cases were increasing rapidly, with 21 cases from March 18 to June 21 and 119 from June 22 to July 30. There were 140 cases in the county as of July 31. Logan County courts will continue to hear emergency matters, and Family Court will remain open, the state Supreme Court said.