CFD purchasing new ambulances

Charleston City Council approved the purchase of four new ambulances for the Charleston Fire Department. Each ambulance costs over one-hundred-thousand-dollars. CFD says they will replace ambulances nearing the end of their service life.

Nearly 40,000 West Virginians could lose SNAP benefits

The Trump administration is proposing three eligibility changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as SNAP. A new survey by the Urban Institute shows that could lead to three-and-a-half-million Americans losing food stamps. Twenty-percent of West Virginians depend on SNAP benefits.

Caputo running for state Senate

The House of Delegates’ minority whip, Mike Caputo, is running for State Senate. He’ll run for the seat currently held by Senator Roman Prezioso, whose retiring at the end of his term next year. Caputo was charged with misdemeanor battery in September for kicking a door into a statehouse staffer.

Leaders hold roundtable discussion on LGBTQ protection laws

West Virginia Senate President, Mitch Carmichael, says he’s in favor of a law that prevents evictions or firings based on sexual orientation or identity, but he can’t guarantee it would pass. Carmichael’s remarks were part of a roundtable discussion with LGBTQ community leaders.

Prescription drug overdose sends five students to the hospital

Five Lewis County High School students were hospitalized after an apparent drug overdose. One of the students brought prescription medication to school and gave it to other students. The students were hospitalized overnight for observation, and are expected to be okay.

Cleveland-Cliff buying A.K. Steel

Cleveland-Cliff is buying A.K. Steel for over one-billion-dollars. A spokesperson for the United Steelworkers union says they are encouraged by the deal. Four years ago more than six-hundred workers were laid off from A.K. Steel, and the Ashland facility was scheduled to close at the end of the year.

Car runs off Huntington overpass

A car ran off the 20th Street viaduct overpass in Huntington and landed on the sidewalk below. No one was hurt. Three people inside ran away. One of the three is in custody.

Shots fired on Charleston’s West Side

Charleston police say as many as thirteen shots were fired on the west side near Central and Main streets. A parked vehicle was hit. No one was hurt. Witnesses saw two men running from scene. No arrests have been made.

Police Checkpoint is Planned for Thursday

Charleston police said they will conduct a DUI sobriety/child safety seat checkpoint Thursday, Dec. 5. The checkpoint on MacCorkle Avenue near Route 119 will begin at 5 p.m. and end about midnight, according to a news release from the Charleston Police Department. Police said the checkpoint is being conducted in conjunction with the Commission on Drunk Driving Prevention.

Chain-Reaction Car Accident is Caused By a Deer

Charleston firefighters said that a deer caused a four vehicle crash on MacCorkle Avenue early Tuesday morning. Firefighters said the deer was hit by one car and the flipped over that car into the windshield of the car behind them. The woman driving slammed her brakes causing a chain reaction crash with two more vehicles. At least one person was taken to the hospital with injuries.