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Original Mountaineer mascot muzzleloader goes on the auction block

A hallowed piece of West Virginia sports history will be on the auction block tomorrow. The original Mountaineer mascot muzzleloader will be sold to the highest bidder at the Bob Huggins Fish Fry. The money raised will benefit the Holy Pursuit’s Dream Foundation.

School counselor admits to inflating daughter’s grades

A former counselor at Greenbrier West High School has pleaded guilty to mail fraud for using her position to inflate her daughter’s grades. Forty-nine-year-old Mellissa Krystynak admitted to using her position to inflate over thirty of her daughter’s grade to help her win more than 20-thousand-dollars in college scholarships.

WV Board of Education holds emergency session

The West Virginia Board of Education met in emergency session to take a stance on the Education Reform Bill. The Board went through the bill line by line and accepted some proposals and rejected others. Board members felt the need to act quickly because of the speed at which the bill is moving through the Senate.

State Senate reviewing education reform bill

The West Virginia Senate spent hours debating the controversial education bill. Most of the debate yesterday focused on charter schools, and school vouchers for private schools. That was followed by an evening session of presentations by educational experts. Debate over the bill will reconvene this morning.

Health board appointment postponed

The Kanawha County commission has postponed interviews for an appointment to the Kanawha-Charleston Board of Health over concerns about the health department’s bylaws. Commission President Kent Carper says the health department has decided to hold a special meeting to change its bylaws to conform to West Virginia state code.

Bank manager accused of stealing from elderly

The former assistant branch manager at U.S. Bank in Portsmouth is accused of stealing money from elderly customers. Megan Horner is charged with theft from a person in a protected class and forgery. Police found at least three victims, and there may be more.

Pickup slides into the Guyandotte River

A pickup slid off the road and into the Guyandotte River Wednesday afternoon. The truck hit a patch of ice near Heath Creek Road and tumbled over the bank. The truck teetered on the edge just long enough for Taylor Napier and his 70-year-old grandfather to escape. The vehicle is partially submerged, and crews are trying to figure out how to get the truck out.

Schools closed across West Virginia

Kanawha County schools are closed today, along with the rest of the state. Schools in all 55 West Virginia counties are closed because of the cold weather. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory effective until ten o’clock this morning. The wind chill will be as low as ten-degrees below zero in addition to blowing snow, making visibility difficult.

New VA Office Opens in Putnam County

The West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance has opened a new Putnam County office in Teas Valley. The Huntington Herald-Dispatch reports the new office is meant to increase area veterans’ access to assistance and improve service quality. The agency helps veterans with the receipt of state and federal benefits such as education and medical assistance. This is the third new office opened as part of the agency’s effort to increase service availability. The agency has 16 field and claims offices, as well as dozens of community work stations.

Road Construction to Start Soon in South Charleston

A South Charleston road is about to get some work. Drivers on Jefferson Road can expect delays in South Charleston as the road gets a major makeover. Kokosing Construction Co. was the low bidder for the project and will start work in the next sixty days.